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  • Anna Soden

Mentor Sessions

This week saw the first of my mentoring sessions!

Firstly with The Herd- an amazing theatre company based in Hull, who make brilliant theatre for young people. It was so useful to talk to them about their approaches to their work- particularly with test audiences, as that's something I'll be doing in January. It was also great to talk logistics about working in libraries, and with recorded sound.

I then spoke to Tom Wells. Tom has been my favourite playwright ever since I had the pleasure of seeing "Drip" in 2018 at The Pains plough Roundabout. I was over the moon to chat to him. He gave me some brilliant pointers- we spoke about structure, and about playing with the tense of the piece. We also spoke about the heart of the piece- loving where you live and appreciating what you have. I'm really exciting to go back to the script for the next re-write with all Tom's advice in mind.

Both sessions were so valuable and I can't wait to implement what I've learnt into my practice.

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