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  • Anna Soden

Mentor Session with Emma Rice

I was incredibly fortunate this week to have my first of two mentor sessions with Emma Rice.

I've always felt Emma's work present during my journey as an artist. I saw her season at the Globe while I was training, and it was a very formative time for me. I have adored her Wise Children work, so was elated to get this chance to talk to her.

Some of the things we covered in the session-

-Leadership in a rehearsal room

-Building a team of creatives

-Restaging work

-Keeping going despite success or failure

-Making region specific work to take nationally

-Burning Instincts as apposed to goals

-What makes a good actor

-Nurturing a show and letting it grow.

I came away from our conversation completely rejuvenated and with new found confidence.

Thank you Emma for sharing your wisdom with me, and for being a constant inspiration.

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