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  • Anna Soden


We've just finished a wonderful few days of Research and Development on "5 Children and It". After so many months stuck inside, it was brilliant to be back in a rehearsal room, dreaming and creating again. It was strange at first working to the new safety guidelines, like mask wearing and distancing, but we soon got used to it.

Creating a show post pandemic is a very unique experience. The show we're making is interactive. In a dream non- COVID world, we'd love the audience to play in a big sandpit during the show, to really get that summer holiday feeling. Unfortunately, we have to make a show where the audience can't be close to each other, or the performer! Our discussions changed to activities and ways the audience can get involved in the action from the safety of their seating "bubble".

It's certainly a learning curve, but it will be brilliant to end up with a show that's immersive and exciting, and can be performed, virus or no virus, safely!

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